Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[Informations+Translations]Article Title "Why DBSK's Comeback Will Bring Power and Influence"-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

yes the 4th Album pre-order numbers is unbelievable!!
but it can happened,,coz we're waiting for their comeback sooo long..
20,000 audience??its awesome!!
more proud of them!

"Why DBSK's Comeback Will Bring Power and Influence"

Asia's Star, DBSK is creating a phenomenon in korean entertainment industry.They have created a stir and sudden influence for Music fans, Record Sales, and the music charts. Like seo taiji and big bang, as well as Bi's comback in October, the preview of the " fall idols" have been out for awhile. This fall the race for the top korean stars are on, and it will be difficult to see who will win this year. But there are negative aspects for DBSK. DBSK who have been gone for 1 year and 7 months in South Korea for Japan, it will be hard to see if Dbsk will be able to comeback with the same amount of foothold and popularity as back then. COMEBACK CONCERT 20,000 AUDIENCE.. THE GREATEST FAN GATHERING "AWED" but they have not feared once. DBSK on the 21st opened their mini concert with 20,000 fans. On this day in front of the Seoul Citiy hall, DBSK opened their mini concert with DBSK's fan club and citizens. The fans had started to gatherd on the 20th even when it was raining. even though the concert was free, being able to gather 20,000 audience is probably only DBSK who haven been able to accomplish this. Even when the Traffic system around Seoul City Hall was bustling, DBSK's fans gathered in front of the city hall with a bit over 10,000. Last August Seo Taiji came back after 4 years and 7 months with his comeback guerilla concert with 4,000 fans, on the 10th BIG bang made their comeback special on SBS INKIGAYO with the same 4,000 fans. 4TH ALBUM JUST THE PREORDER 300,000 hit, THEIR MASS POPULARITY POWER. DBSK's popularity FOR the mass in SOUth korea has been once again proven through the preorder numbers. DBSK's entertainment company SMentertainment (SM)'S representative have said that the preorders have passed 300,000 already. SM representative said " Seo Taiji's album sales after his comeback had been 190,000, the preorder sales for DBSK is very surprising." Even it is just preorders, this is very surprising to see this result with the current downfall in korean album sales. This kind of case is very rare. Taking out the current problems with the korean record sales crisis, This shows the amount of power DBSKs fans have as well. Through the 'Korean Music Industry Association' Dbsk's 1st album "Miduyo" sold 300,000, 2nd "Rising Sun" 290,000 , 3rd album "O" has sold 390,000. The KMI association representatives are also wondering how much DBSK's 4th album will sell after its release. Along with their huge preorder amount, DBSK has also created a chaos in online music charts. on the 19th DBSK's " Mirotic" had taken over the main online music chart "DOSHIRAK" HOT 100 and took 1st place in less than 3 days. They've also taken place in MELON, JUKEON, and MNETDOTCOM. After the release of their title song. NETIZENS have also been showing positive feebacks. Even music fans after hearing DBSK'S songs have shown postive feedback on their new album " Only DBSK, again haven't dissapointed us" (LAHA), " this is more powerful and has more addictiveness than their signature SMP genre. (aiiure), " I can't stop admiring after seeing their music video and listening to their new song (BloodBruise..??wth lol) etc. Everyone did not save their positive comments on the 21st at their press conference " we have had a burden of having responsibility to release a good new album, but we are also very happy to see groups like BIG BANG and SHINEE to have introduced new genre of music to the korean music industry" and " and we are very happy to be able to release our new album to the korean audience in the midst of all this fun" . We are curious to see what other record DBSK will be able to make in the Korean music industry.