Tuesday, September 30, 2008

[Video+ DL] DBSK in SBS Inkigayo Comeback- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

[HQ] 09.28.2008 SBS Inkigayo - TVXQ [Love In The Ice]

a very very powerful performance.
it made me cry. it was really really nice.
but jaejoong was sick that time, and his voice was a bit strained.
poor jaejoongie. hope he gets well soon. T_T

[HQ] 09.28.2008 SBS Inkigayo - TVXQ [Hey]

the performance was so powerful!!!
yunho at the start was so hot!
and the boys in wife-beater shirt!?. is purely love!

[HQ] 09.28.2008 SBS Inkigayo - TVXQ [Mirotic]

i love how they copied the setting in the MV.
its really nice.
and they sang it live.
the only song that they didn't sang live was Hey!.
but its all good^^.
i so love mirotic.

credits: sweetfig

credits: cassiopeial0ve@yt