Sunday, August 2, 2009

[TRANS] With worries about Dong Bang Shin Ki disbandment, Chinese fans join in the fan panic


It seems that the Chinese fans have also joined in the fan panic with the news of danger that Dong Bang Shin Ki will disband.

On Chinese and other media, there were reports about Dong Bang Shin Ki members Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong has went up to Seoul Central District Court to apply for provisional retractile of their exclusive rights effect from their contract with SM Entertainment.

The reports also went, “With this news of a lawsuit by the Dong Bang Shin Ki members, many of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s fans have been taken aback, especially for their official fanclub Cassiopeia, they are in a panic state.”

With these reports, Chinese fans said, “If this is the route they choose, we will support them”, “But still this is the company that groomed them to be top stars, isn’t that a little too much?” with various responses.

Meanwhile, it has been known that members UKnow YunHo and Max ChangMin has decided not to join the rest of the members in this pending lawsuit.

With these news, there have much speculations that the chance of the group disbanding is high since it has been more than 5 years since they debuted in 2005.

But with that, SM Entertainment released official statements:

  • They said on 1st August morning, “It is true that Xiah, Hero and Micky made the application for provisional disposition to terminate the exclusive rights effects from their contract on 31st July at the district court. With that the company is very taken back by the action, we are trying to get confirm all the truth from them currently. “
  • They continued, “But as a representative group to the country and to Asia, our stand is that activities for Dong Bang Shin Ki have to continue even with this disposition application. And about the problems arising from the discussion to do a cosmetic entreprise, we plan to talk over them and sort out the problems as soon as possible.”
  • SM Entertainment’s representative added about rumours to the band’s disbandment, “On SM’s side, we still have much love for Dong Bang Shin Ki. We do not want them to disband. Let’s resolve this peacefully seeing the long time we have worked together since their debut till now.”

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