Sunday, August 2, 2009

[News] 090731 Contact me if You Want to be a Star! (Yunho's excerpt) [Contact me if you want to be a Star!] (1) SM Entertainment

I doubt people will audition for SM ENT. now.

Seeing and hearing the things that is happening with tvxq's lawsuit is just a mess.

People wouldn't want to audition at some agency that doesn't pay you NICELY. TSK TSK

i think SM JUST RUINED THEIR being NO.1 entertainment agency in S.Korea.


-part edited out-

Asia super group TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho auditioned with his friends in 2000 for the title of ‘Best Dancer’ in the Best Teenager Audition/Competition and ended up on the road of a singer. At the time, when a judge asked “Can you do any other dances?” Yunho asked, “Can I take my shoes off and dance?” and received high marks for his passion for dancing that didn’t seem to end. Actor Ara also partook in the ‘Best Dancer’ part of the Best Teenager Audition/Competition in Gwangju with five of her friends. But Ara stood out because of her white complexion and trendy look and captured the attention of the judges. She also sealed her chance of debuting as a celebrity when she received high marks for her ability to think fast during an interview even though she was very young.

-part edited out-

Q: Please tell us in detail of the SM Trainee System

A: We can say that our casting, training, producing and marketing systems rival those of America and Japan. Casting is done in various ways in many cities and our training is altered to fit each person’s abilities and talents. We give trainig for singing, dancing, acting and speaking other languages and we have debuted all of our current stars using our own producing and marketing systems. Regarding BoA and TVXQ, we are going for a global approach with both capturing the Japanese market, which is the second largest music industry in the world, through a global management system. They are living proofs of SM’s superiority.

Q: What kind of stars is SM looking for?

A: We started the off with the teenage market with H.O.T. and defined the term ‘Hallyu Singer’ with our appearances in China. We’ve made BoA and TVXQ role models of global management. We are looking for and will be debuting stars who will be one step ahead of social trends and who will take SM one step further.

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