Monday, August 24, 2009

[Trans]Xiah Junsu Fanclub’s Critism Over SM’s “Payment in Advance” Statement

SM lawyer statement at the first court hearing on August 21st which was revealing that DBSK’s Xiah Junsu had received 45 million won which was believed to be his money source to file the current outstanding lawsuit against SM seemed to fire up the whole DBSK fans especially Xiah Junsu personal fancafe.

SM stated at the court, “Xiah Junsu received 45 million Won in advanced payment on July 15th,” and “Seeing as this was done one month before the trial, it is hard to see that this action has nothing to do with the lawsuit.”

At Xiah Junsu fanclub homepage on the 22th was published article condemning SM for releasing statement that is considered as character attack towards Junsu.

In the article written by the fans, “At the hearing of injunction application case to stop exclusive contract effect, SM said at the court that on July 15th Junsu had received in advance 45 million won from SM. This argument statement was then released publicly through media.” and “However, at the end SM also mentioned so-called sentiment, ‘SM has infinite affection towards DBSK and is seeking a long-term plan and vision to debut DBSK in Hollywood’. Such media-play statements are definitely abominable.”

DBSK lawyer later on clarified that the money was received to settle Junsu’s income tax. “The money was probably to settle his account for income taxes. Ever since DBSK debuted in 2004, SM has been in charge of all tax payments such as the composite income tax regarding DBSK’s income. The composite income tax is settled depending on how much the group earns for the first half of each year and was given to the members to pay in the form of advanced payments.”

Xiah Junsu fanclub explained the reason of their curse to SM for the company’s previous statement. “Because SM’s statement, now the media circulating around have ‘Junsu had received 45 million won from SM” as their headlines, and that’s a serious attack to Junsu’s image. It seems that SM wants people to think that Junsu is somekind person who is crazy and has no self-control over money thus even dare to ask for advance payment before he filed lawsuit against his own agency.”

The fanclub continued, “Xiah Junsu is now known in all over Asia to represent the country. And such accusation will obliterate his well-built image in public.”

“We, as members of Junsu fanclub from all over will never tolerate if due to preservation of company profit, SM breaks the law by insulting individual character of the members.” the fanclub ended.

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