Saturday, August 15, 2009

[TRANS] JaeSu Couple Talk in AADBSK3

At the Intro:
Both of them were discussing about their couple name...
Jaejoong says he didnt quite like "Jaesu", he prefer "Sujae"...
Junsu says "Sujae" makes him think of filming location (cos "soo jae bi" stands for korean filming location)

Any changes to ur relationships:
Junsu: We always contact each other at night bcos members always have schedule at the day.
I always call Jaejoong asking hyung what he is doing & he will reply sms with, "Junsu ar, what are u doing"...

Moments of cuteness & being scary:
Junsu: Jaejoong looks cute when he's drunk. (Jaejoong laughs while having his head down)
He looks different when he's drunk. But he hardly gets drunk, I only see twice but those 2 times, he was cute.
Jaejoong: Junsu is handsome on stage, when he's not, he's abit innocent & foolish. He always show sides that seems to
be like of secondary school level, sometimes even smaller.

How the girlfriend will be like in the future
Jaejoong: Junsu girlfriend must be kind.
Junsu: Why? Am I very bad?
Jaejoong: No. Bcos looking at Junsu, you will think that her girlfriend should be kind.
Junsu: Hmm... Not bad.

About their music
Junsu: Jaejoong hyung singing is fabulous, if members will to hear it, it will make them feel happy/ raise their mood.
Jaejoong: If you said these, its feels abit embarassing.
Junsu: Recently, we kept meeting at night, at the dorm, at other places and driving together. What is this called?
Jaejoong: NIGHT MATE? NIGHT MATE? Isnt ok?
Junsu: Erm, abit... We are "NIGHT MATE"

trans: yunmoon@soompi

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