Monday, August 24, 2009

[Trans] 090822 Tohoshinki A-Nation dancer blog entry

A-nation 09 TOKYO
I finished my first day! Wow, we’re already in Tokyo! (laugh)
I haven’t blogged in a while!
There was something that really surprised me today.
There was a time on stage when I felt really calm, and I started thinking, “Hey, I was watching ‘Doumini coopere~’ from backstage last year.” The lights were really beautiful.
This year,
Before Tohoshinki was going to sing, there were blue lights.
Once a video of them showed up, red lights started glowing all across the audience.
Yes, it was the fans' red lights!!
And when the five of them were walking towards the huge ocean of fire (omg, it’s a RED OCEAN xD), I started getting really excited and moved.
It was amazing. Every single person’s strength put together can something so huge.

I really want to show all of you!
Blue lights,
Red lights,
What I saw was purple, because the colors were mixed!!!!!
And then we started dancing “Purple Line”.
I felt like it had been a while since I had been so into a dance, and I had tons of fun!

(T/N: Tohoshinki excerpt in his blog entry)

Source: (dancer in A-Nation)
Translated by: Aly@DBSKnights
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