Saturday, August 15, 2009

[TRANS] Interview- DOG TALK with Jaejoong and Vick

The name vik was coined by junsu.. from "visual shock"
About why i decided to raise him.. at that time, i saw a dog on a television show of the same breed as vik and just really really wanted to raise one. Later when i went with a trainer to pick out a dog, he was the very first dog i saw when i entered the door.

At that time, vik was only two months old. he was soooooo cute! At that moment to me, it didn't matter what his personality was like, his looks more than made up for it then.
Because my dad is the one raising him, you look at him now, he's absolutely choongchoongdu style- doesn't care about anything at all. If the weather is good, he'll just lie there like this doing nothing. he doesn't bark, doesn't play around. If he fights with the other member's dogs, he'll definitely lose... he's very gentle.

There's one other thing about his personality.. helping him to bathe is VERY difficult. Bathing him yesterday took a total of 5 hours! our staff... XP
In the old house, we didn't wash him often and there really wasn't a need to. My dad likes to use those huge tubs for bathing children to wash him but vic likes to swim around. He also really likes it when we use the shower head.

There have been times when i've thought about it and regretted.. why did i have to choose to raise such a huge dog? especially since my parents are the ones having a hard time raising him since he's so big... If he was very active or knew how to act cute and play around, at least kids would like him. but look at him! look~ he doesn't even show signs of happiness when he sees his master. he doesn't like to run but likes to stroll verrrryyy slowly. he's only one!!
Out of a year, we usually can spend only about a month or so together. When he was still really young i would bring him around everywhere, feed him... i always believed he should remember me! I didn't expect it to end up being totally different... he ignores me when i call him, he doesn't even respond to his name, he'll only listen to you when you're calling him for meals.

Another unique thing about Vick is that he totally ignores you.. when i bring him for walks in the park he won't stroll along nicely, he'll go searching in strange places and i have no idea what he's searching for!
For meals, he likes meat alot. But my dad doesn't allow him to eat too much meat because he's afraid Vic will fail sick. Always eating meat will also make his body smell which is why we don't let him eat much. but this kid... he seems to live for eating.. pork, chicken. he loves them all.
How do we show affection to each other? vik ahh.. give me your hand~ (vic puts his paw on jae's hand) just like this! i'm the only one vic is willing to shake hands with~

Another thing about vic is if you call him the third time he definitely won't listen. If you ask him for his hand, his leg, he'll always listen and shake hands with me. But always only twice. he'll definitely ignore you on the third call.
With my family.. yeah. My mum really liked him from the start. But now it's always my dad who looks after him. Among my sisters, vik is only close to two or three of them and they play very well together. the other sisters are all very scared of him because he's too big...
Now we still have alot of overseas activities, i'll have to sent him back to choongchoongdu..
I hope everyone will continue to love our vik! and continue to give me your support, thank you! vik ah~~ let's go^^

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