Sunday, August 16, 2009

[News] Cassiopeia outdone by SME

(the title of the article is just made by us, so if you find it offensive please do tell us and we're going to change it asap.)

As most of you already know, DNBN start online / offline signature-collecting drive nation-wide to support TVXQ lawsuit.

Today some young fans were in the streets of MyungDong, HongDae, KangNam (and several other places) for offline signature collecting from people.
Suddenly some people appeared, they ripped signed papers and stay there to restrain signature collecting.
They never answered questions of who are they and why they do that, they keep silence till the end.

DNBN announced current situation could be dangerous for young fans, so they temporary stopped all offline signature collecting now.
(Online collecting is keep going, anyway)

Why they've done such a thing? Why they didn't answered questions who and why?
...Not that I really wonder.

Somebody sure DESPERATE.

I feel so sorry for young fans who were there to help boyz, and attacked.
Thanks god they didn't got hurt by faceless attackers.

Just. unbelievable.

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