Sunday, August 23, 2009

[NEWS] U-know Yunho, "The Other Members Are Cheering Me On"

U-Know Yunho revealed his thoughts regarding his first attempt at acting with his fellow TVXQ members cheering him on.

On the August 21st episode of MBC 'Section TV Entertainment News', the shooting for the poster of MBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Heading to the Ground' was aired. U-Know Yunho, Ara, Lee Yoonji and Lee Sang-yoon were present at this location.

When asked about his thoughts regarding his first attempt at acting, U-Know Yunho wittily replied using the drama's title and said, "I feel like I'm heading to the ground." Regarding the reaction he was getting, he said, "The other members told me that they think I'll do well and that they support me 100%. They said that the character is very similar to me since we both have a lot of charm."

Lee Sang-yoon, who has to play a role who constantly fights U-Know Yunho and riles him up, did not say much as he took TVXQ fans into consideration and said, "He's doing the best that he can." Lee Sang-yoon also made viewers laugh by subconsciously sitting straighter and looking more nervous when the subject of TVXQ's fans Cassiopeia came up during the interview.

'Heading to the Ground' is a love story that results from the misunderstandings that arise between passionate yet unlucky Bong-goon and Kang Haebin (played by Ara), a girl who has everything but wishes to succeed on her own.

U-Know Yunho plays the role of Cha Bong-goon, a man who lives an unlucky life, having almost died three times, but still lives a passionate life in order to fulfill his dream of playing on the national soccer team. The first episode airs on September 9th.

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