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[Trans] The Most Wanted Flower Boys by Seoul Star Magazine Aug’09

woooww 3 from SUJU!!!
and only jaejoong from DBSK kekekekek
congratz for them^^

The result of The most wanted flower boys by Seoul Star magazine Vol.26 August 2009

Seoul Star magazine had made a poll with the topic”The most wanted flower boys” in Vol.25

The fans must send their vote with reasons via mails in order to get the prize.

The result is published in Vol.26
1. Heechul (Super Junior) 51.6%
2. Jaejoong (TVXQ) 29.98%
3. Taemin (Shinee) 5.58%
4. Donghae (Super Junior) 4.19%
5. Lee Teuk (Super JUnior) 3.26%


[T/N]The commentators (the reasons from the fans) crack me up. I’ll translate only compliments for Jaejoong okie wink.gif

Comment#1 “Jaejoong of Cassiopeia, he looks like a fairy princess especially with his long hair”

Comment#2 “Jaejoong is from the god family. He got the very beautiful face or you can say most beautiful face. He’s prettier than some girls. I’m shocked with his beauty”

Comment#3 “His white perfect skin, his kissable lips. But thanks God that sent Jaejoong on earth as a boy. Cuz if he was born as a girl, who’s gonna be as pretty as him and he’s gonna have to take our Prince Yunho for sure”

Comment#4 “Jaejoong my noona, Oh no my Oppa. He’s the Princess born prince! his red lips,his beautiful skin, his perfect nose. He’s pretty in every ankle. I didn’t mention his beautiful voice yet. He’s perfect for Prince Yunho”

Comment#5 “The very 1st time I saw Jaejoong I was thinking what kind of a perfect person is this! He’s so pretty and he’s so great at cooking. His nose, his eyes and his skin make him look purely innocent as the princess. Princess from head to toe!”

Comment#6 “Umma of TVXQ, his perfect face, his pink lips. Those who dont know him would probably think he’s a girl for sure othwerwise the leader sshi wouldn’t fall for him. If Jaejoong was a Princesss, he would be compared to the innocent white rose and he’d be protected by Prince Yunho in Cassiopeia land”

Comment#7 “Jaejoong – no one else in this world is as pretty as him. His beautful smile, his sparkling eyes. When you have an eye contact with him, you’d be dreaming of him and fall for him 100%. His eye brown, his lips, his beautiful face OMG!!!!! soooo beautiful he’s more beautiful than Snowwhite in the fairy tale. Jaejoong is number 1″

source: Seoul star magazine
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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