Wednesday, August 19, 2009

[News] Star Name is Money!

Agency SM Entertainment who has been having legal disputes with 3 members of TVXQ, on July 4th submitted trademark application of names of some of its singers including TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and Super Junior. SM is currently waiting for the result.

In 2004 SM already tried to enter the same application but was rejected since “There’s no agreement from TVXQ members,”. To consider the current situation where there’s disputes between the two sides, the members are most likely not consent yet, again.

Meanwhile, quoting the statement from patent attorney Hwang Sung-pil which was aired on MBC “Happy Day” on August 17th, “The cycle of legislation from trademark rights to trademark, is to legitimate the brand of artists name when deciding margin products, as well as to identify the source of right to display certain brand so that customers are ensure of one’s brand reliability.”

Estimation of the value of star name.

The star name whose value is worth for 180 billion won, is gained by Seo Tai-ji on 1st rank. The Korean wave star Bae Yong Joon name is worth for 100 billion won, and rose the 2nd.

Active in three countries including Korea, Japan, and U.S, singer BoA is ranked 3rd for 100 billion won while on 4th with estimation value of 50 billion won is name of group Shinhwa.

TVXQ group name is estimated to be worth 40 – 50 billion won thus made 5th. Meanwhile Korean wave star Won Bin and Choi Ji-woo names both are worth 30 billion, thus are placed together on 6th.

source: Newsen
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