Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[News] The Japanese writer of Korea-Japan joint production, Tele Cinema “Heaven’s Postman”: “TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong was great in acting.”

According to the officials on the 17th, in last June when the staffs were watching the premiere of Tele Cinema trailer video including Japan staff writer Eriko Kitagawa, the Japanese writer said, “I think Jaejoong suits the image of his drama character well. I feel the character of drama is saved (by Jaejoong). I’m looking forward to it.” revealing a positive response.

“Heaven’s Postman” is written by Eriko Kitagawa who is known for writing Japan popular drama “Long Vacation” and directed by PD Lee Hyeong-min who is known for his KBS2TV drama “I’m Sorry I Love You.”

This drama is the first challenge for the male lead Kim Jaejoong whose role is as a soul drifting in real world, carrying a mysterious-feeling character. While the heroine is led by Han Hyo-joo who already gained quite fame in Japan for her role in PD Yoon Suk-ho drama “Spring Waltz”.
The reaction of audience regarding Heaven’s Postman

Through Tele Cinema 7 dramas focus group to measure audience rating in progress, Samhwa Network publisher announced that “Heaven’s Postman” currently occupies 2nd place. The first rank of audience rating is grabbed by “Triangle”, starring actors Ahn Jae-wook and Kang Hye-jeong.

Meanwhile, Tele Cinema which is a coorporation project of Japan’s top seven popular drama writers and Korean wave’s producers and artists will greet the audiences through screen starting September this year while Heaven’s Postman starring Hero Jaejoong and Han Hyo-joo will air in the end of October at the earliest, by SBS.

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