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Jejung and Yuchun sang four songs at the Boy Pop Factory:

1. Been So Long (originally by m-flo)
2. Begin (with Sakazaki Konosuke)
3. Rainy Blue (originally by Hideaki Tokunaga)
4. COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~

BOY POP FACTORY 09 Participants

-Konosuke Sakazaki
(Well-known Japanese artist, a member of "The Alfee")
-Keita, Tachibana (w-inds)
-Kazufumi, Miyazawa
(He's a singer and a famous actor in Japan.)
-Fumiya, Fujii
(He is also s very well-known singer in Japan. He used to be a main vocalist of Checkers.)

-From TVXQ, Jejung & Yuchun
(Yeah! From! TVXQ!!! wink.gif )

-Kenichi, Nagira
(A popular Japanese comedian.)
(by Kimo)

I especially loved "Rainy Blue." This song is really nice and the beautiful voice of Jejung
matches the song so well. On top of that, the very sexy voice of Yuchun matches the sweet voice of Jejung.
I was not their fan until today, but as of now, I am a fan of TVXQ! (by Yoshi)

Jejung said that he goes to the karaoke with Keita (w-inds' main vocalist).
As always, Jejung was so cute when he talks, but when he rolled up his sleeves,
his masculine arm was seen!
Everyone surely would fall in love with him. I sure did! (by Rika)

When I saw them together, I started to cry...
They look so handsome together and I was too happy!

When Jejung sang the part of m-flo's song, I almost died as it was too cool!
And, Yuchun's rap is just so amazing! Wow!
If they release an album, I surely will buy it!

When they started to sing, "COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~"
All kinds of thoughts were in our minds and there were many of us in tears.

When they were asked what kind of hairstyle they like with the ladies, Jejung talked about the ladies' hands, lol.
Yuchyn said that his ideal height for women is between 160-165... I am 162, but then do I have any hope here?
Oh well, anyhow, cheer up, me! Hahaha!

Yuchun played the tambourine when all participants sang "I Wish to be the Wind" at the end of the show;
Yuchun then placed it on top of his head, started to balance it and began walking around.
Kya~~~~~! TOOOO~~~ CUTE~~~~~~~~!!!!!

And Jejung was playing maracas which was also too cute!

a-nation follows after this! Everyone ready? OK~~~~~~!!? biggrin.gif (by Natsu)
090820 Soulmate with Suzuki - BEGIN @ Boy Pop Factory (Audio)
(YT: as tagged & appkjj)

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Photos & YT: as tagged
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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I saw the fancam and ... Awww ! I really would have liked to be there ㅜ.ㅜ