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[TRANS] 09.08.04 TVXQ, The International Fans' Worried Hearts...

Fans from all over the world are showing their worry and support for TVXQ. They are sending letters that all say one thing: regardless of the current dispute between SM and the three members, the fans will support TVXQ no matter what and a disbandment is not something they want.

On the international UCC site 'Youtube', the video that lasts around 5 minutes showing hundreds and hundreds of letters addressed to TVXQ was uploaded on the 4th.

They expressd their feelings with shaky Korean penmanship, but also confessed their thoughts through their native tongues or English. They all had the same message of 'Forever as 5' and 'Always keep the faith.'

TVXQ's influence in the world could be seen from the people's names and the stated countries. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Finland, Japan, UK, USA, Peru, Brunei, France, Sri Lanka...

The multicultural fans called TVXQ various names such as 'DBSK', 'TVXQ', 'TBXQ'

Janice, a Mexican fan stated, "Whatever happens, we will always be by your side. We pray for you." Tiffany, a Peruvian fan said, "We have always been proud of you," to express the pain she was feeling over this situation. Other than this, Dara, an Indonesian fan, hoped for a always-together TVXQ by writing "5-1=0 and 5-2=0" Liana of Germany said, "Don't give up."

On Korean internet sites as well, voices of encouragement and support have been pouring out like a flood. On Agora, a "Against TVXQ's Disbandment"
petition has gained around 21,700 signatures. Fan sites are filled with posts about the fans' feelings of worry.

There have been a couple of extreme cases though. One of which read, "Maybe if we all just committ suicide, they won't disband."

It seems that it is up to the courts to decide the fate of TVXQ, no matter what the fans say. On the 4th, the three members' representative, Sejong, stated a rebuttal that attacked SM's previous statements and that said that the truth would be revealed in court and they were willing to fight for that truth. SM Entertainment has begun silencing the people in their agency from answering questions from reporters and they seem to be busy preparing their side for the case.

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Bonnielassie said...

They also have many many fans in Egypt. These boys have influenced the world. So why not pay them wha they deserve!!?!?!?