Wednesday, August 5, 2009

[TRANS] 090803 Japan's Say on TVXQ's Lawsuit

Entertainment news I had watched in Japan:

On "Akko ni Omakase" TV program, they did not take much time to go over the details, but Akko said, "It took time for them to be known here in Japan and also their Japanese had improved really well..." which sounded like she was sorry for the members.

On "Sukkiri" TV, they covered both sides of the story (but at that time, the three members' lawyer's comment had not been released). However, they did not say anything bad which could cause a negative image for TVXQ.

For "Miyaneya," they mentioned the three members' lawyer's comment.
There seemed to be a Japanese lawyer on that TV show who said that the members request would have been fulfilled if it was in Japan, but he said that he is not sure about the case in Korea.

He also talked about the side business (cosmetic business) and said that even in Japan, there are many stars who do side businesses, so it should not be the problem. They sounded like that they were on TVXQ's side more than SM's.

Mr. Miyane also said that "TVXQ's members are hardworking young men who are all really pure individuals. I do not know if I should say that, but the members sure are that kind of people."

On "Sukkiri," Terry Ito and Mifune were there. Mifune said that the members are "real gentlemen." They also mentioned "For fans, TVXQ is TVXQ when there are five of them."

Their comments were in favor of TVXQ which show the result of the effort, hard work and politeness of TVXQ while they worked in Japan.

I wrote this since I thought that there will be many fans in Korea who are worried about how it (the lawsuit) is broadcast in Japan.

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