Wednesday, June 3, 2009

[TRANS] 090603 Tohoshinki Recorded 4 Songs on MUSIC FAIR on 2nd June- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Sorry to keep you waiting! Over 8 weeks, this is Tohoshinki's 14th time participating!! This time, they recorded 4 songs, a mix of old and new singles!! Adding these 4 songs, Music Fair's recordings with Tohoshinki have far exceeded <>'s 4 songs.

This time, we will also look back at the previous 10 songs. Besides, there will be collaboration and cover songs that they have done; <> is really Tohoshinki's number 1 TV station.

Designated for broadcast on 20th June, the recording on 2nd June was the talk portion with Tohoshinki and GIRLS NEXT DOOR. Also, although it's a little early, a Happy Birthday to Yoochun!

The 4 songs that were recorded continuously. First is the song <> which will soon be aired on TV for the first time, followed by the 2006 single <>, the third song is their 3rd single which was released in 2005 <> and lastly, it's the new single which is soon to be released in July <>.

The recording for programmes usually take a really long time, so thank you for your hard work! Let's meet at the Tokyo Dome~

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