Monday, June 1, 2009

[VID+PHOTOS+NEWS] Super Junior-M Collaborates for Pepsi CF- Super Junior-M/SUJUM/SJM

Pepsi's 2009 summer cf kicks off with a long list of well known celebrities starting from Super Junior-M, Lee Jun Ki, Huang Xiao Ming, Louis Koo, Show Luo and Jolin Tsai.

Super Junior-M was chosen to be the official endorser for 2009 Pepsi China, having held the ‘Pepsi Super Junior-M collaboration press conference’ in Hong Kong on the 28th of April in the presence of 300 fans, all of whom had to wear blue. Gives new meaning to sea of blue. The commercial was filmed in February and has a 30 sec version and a 60 sec one (which is basically a longer version of the 30 sec one).

As for the actual CF. It felt like Super Junior had reunited. Lots of people everywhere and the CF itself is hectic. You pretty much have to watch it a few times to catch anything that happens. I couldn't find Lee Jun Ki in the CF for the longest time, but it's easier to spot him in the longer version. Apparently, it ends with Louis Koo yelling "Hey! i still haven’t gotten on the car!"

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