Monday, June 1, 2009

[NEWS] 2PM's English Interview with KBS World- 2PM

2PM's Korean-american members Jaebeom, Nich Khun, and Taecyeon recently sat down with KBS World Radio for a quick 12-minute English interview to talk about their trainee days, their thoughts on fangirls, their daily schedule, their new album or single which is planned to release hopefully this Fall, and various other topics. The boys brought a whole lot of laughter to the table, as they had a good time cracking jokes.

My favorite part was when the boys were talking about how it was hard for Jaebeom to adapt to Korea's culture, especially respecting elders. Nich Khun explained "there's none of that in America" which made Taecyeon laugh and say, "you still have to respect them!" and Jaebeom to add, "You can't just slap 'em around!". These boys never fail to entertain. Check out the laughs below and thanks to Symbelmyns for the videos!

Part 1 of the Interview:

Part 2 of the Interview:

I totally love these guys! The interview features my favorite 2PM members: Jay & Taekyeon. I laughed so hard while listening to this interview, I would only dream to audition for JYP...not the way Nickhun did though! Enjoy guys, and thanks to ALLKPOP for the article.

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