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[Trans] 090930 JaeChun ORICON Special Interview

Q: The best memories this summer?

JJ: Absolutely it’s a-nation! I really enjoyed it this year! a-nation is the best!

YC: a-nation is a good memories, but the activities of Jejung and I as two members left me with good memories as well. We never do this kind of activities before. Even in the interview shooting, when the MC called only the two of us names, I felt really strange at first. But it’s somehow also fresh, we did have fun, a real happy experience.

Q: Is there anything you want to do this summer?

YC: I’m still unable to find lover (laughs). Other things were already achieved entirely, however for this one, this is the only thing left to do (laughs).

JJ: Travelling. Once when I had some days off, I was going to go, but unfortunately I got cold… so in fact I had to spend most of the time on bed, it was really disappointing.

Q: What you’re going to do to nail this year?

JJ: Currently I’m in process of composing a song, and I want to entirely complete it. I also want to compose a song for Tohoshinki, of course, not just for us two, we also want to sing with other artists. However, no matter how much passionate I said to sing with other artists, it won’t be actualize unless there’s an artist that actually says he/she wants to sing with us. Therefore, to make an artist comes out and says he/she wants to sing with us, I’m trying hard to create a good song.

YC: I want to search for love. Because during summer this year, I’m unable to search for one (laughs)

Q: Recent episode that is interesting?

JJ: Yuchun started to get up early. Until now, Yuchun’s pattern was sleep later than anyone else, and also get up slower than anyone else. It seems that he prepares himself slower than anyone else (laughs)

YC: But in the end, also work harder than anyone else (laughs)

JJ: That’s why, since he put too much concentration in his work, he came to sleep late again therefore get up late as well (laughs). However, Yuchun’s pattern recently is getting up early and even eat a fine breakfast, I was even surprised to see that.

YC: yes. Just now I started to eat breakfast again.

JJ: It’s the manager who becomes really excited about this.

YC: I changed the life cycle unconciously. It’s rather good and healthy, but I think sometimes I want to go back to the way I used to be. If you ask why, it’s because I couldn’t hang out much in the evening again as I become drowsy too soon as the consequence of the early wake up (laughs)

Q: To say one word about each other character?

JJ: Yuchun is stingy! I have never seen such a stingy person like this! (laughs)

YC: Oh, at which part?

JJ: When we go eating meal together, don’t you always say “Jejung, I’m broke.”

YC: Because Jejung is the hyung.

JJ: Oh really, do you think me as your hyung!?

YC: *suddenly turns to be honorific* Definitely. I admire you. I always want to be someone like Jejung.

JJ: In Korea, there’s also a Warikan (T/N: warikan means split the bill) culture, however when a man and woman eating meal, it’s mostly man who will pays, as well when a senior eating meal with the junior, mostly the senior will pays. But if it’s always that way, in Tohoshinki, I’m the oldest, then I’m the one who will pay the most. That’s why I thought when I just go with Yuchun, both of us will split the bill. However, not a long time ago when I ate meal with him and before I could say that it’s warikan, Yuchun had already sneaked out of the store and I found myself all alone (laughs).

YC: I ran away (laughs). But since then I always sleep early and wake up early. So the fact that I become an early riser, thanks to Jejung (laughs)

JJ: So it was from that time (laughs). Well, from now on, you have to split the bill with me.

YC: Okay. You’re the one who split the bill.

JJ: Yeah. Then if you don’t split the bill then on, I’m going to run over you with hair clippers! (laughs)

- “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~” is the song that was performed at Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome concert.

JJ: Yes. For Tokyo Dome concert, I wrote this song together with Yuchun. So I want to compose a song that is able to be sung along well with everyone in the concert venue. With such purpose, a kind of melody that’s even when only listened once yet everyone would be able to sing it along, was thought by us at that time.

YC: Considering the overall balance Jejung has thought, the melody was created by interaction of two of us. However, since from the beginning the theme of this song was “a song that you can sing with everyone”, we’re able to do it smoothly. While writing the rap part by associating it to an image, it comes to an easy as well. When writing it, I remember the image of Christmast tree that is able to make a simple smiley face, thus it’s done in only 10 minutes.

- That seems to be a pretty clear image. As the lyricist, do you have any request about feeling regarding the song lyrics?

YC: Yes. It’s not a merely romantic love song, please consider a little bigger love within the song. To sing in Tokyo Dome was definitely my dream, therefore I thought it’s greater than just an ordinary love song.

JJ: When the last lyrics was completed, it was a big satisfaction. That was beyond imagination.

- In fact the 50,000 audiences were actually singing along with two of you in Tokyo Dome concert.

JJ: At that time, it was really the best feeling ever. “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~” is a song to send “thank you” to all Tohoshinki fans. That’s why I want to sing it with lot more people. That’s why the fact that we could achieve it in Tokyo Dome, I was really glad.

- I see. So it’s like the feelings of Tohoshinki and all fans included in 1 song.

JJ: Yes. That’s right.

YC: As for the concert being possible to be held in such wide place like Tokyo Dome, it’s the favor of all the fans. On the stage, I was very happy and passionate, it was fun.

- In CD-only version, there’s the live version of the actual performance in Tokyo Dome. The sense of those outstanding cheers still sound so real.

YC: Afterall, after listening to it the first time how did I remember? I was a little worried because when everyone sang it in the concert, we had such an enormous delight (that he thought the voices would be a mess). However, since all of them sang it properly, to be truth I’m liking the live version of “la la la” more.

- Since I also came to the Tokyo Dome, I could recall the scene that time. Within the song, everyone became one, there was a really wonderful thing.

JJ: Yes, as intended (laughs). What I wanted was to make this a good song.

- Another song in this double-A single, “SHELTER”. This one is a danceable song.

JJ: “Shelter” was just made recently. For single “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~”, I was told by the other members to compose another song. So I started to compose it, but I was worried that I wouldn’t succeed in creating the chorus. At that time, Junsu suddenly came in, singing his proposed chorus part and said, “How bout this?” (laughs). And then when I tried to listen it later on, it sounded pretty good (laughs).

Part A and B melody sounds lonely yet the chorus runs passionately. As a result, I thought it was an interesting song. Moreover, as I’m the one who did the A and D part melody, Yuchun did B part melody, and Junsu did the chorus, to have 3 members involved in its composing makes this song becomes interesting.

- Yuchun, did you write the rap part for this song as smooth as you did with “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~”?

YC: “Shelter” rap was troublesome (laughs)

- Really? (laughs) Why?

JJ: I told Yuchun to rap the B part only 2 days before the recording (laughs)

YC: But when I was being told that time, there was only B part that was going to be a rap. I created that one part in about 10 minutes, and when I went to the studio to record, I was really surprised that there were actually 3 rap parts (laughs). So it was a really rush time in studio when I wrote those left parts.

JJ: Well Yuchun, didn’t I see you sleeping, though? (laughs). You’ll know if you listen to it well, that the rap in 1B and 2B has a completely different tone. In 1B, it has less tension, while in 2B the tension is increasing. This happened because Yuchun recorded the 1B part immediately after he woke up (laughs). The other part was the opposite to that, that’s why the 1B tone is going low in husky voice (laughs).

YC: It was on purpose (laughs). I thought 1B would be awesome to be done in low tone, but I admit that since I was sleepy, I slept for about 13 minutes (laughs)

- So that’s the truth? (laughs) However, to have 1B in low tone and 2B in more tension, I think it matches with the mood of the song.

YC: See? That’s why I said it was in purpose (laughs). I even calculated that far (laughs).

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