Thursday, August 13, 2009

[TRANS] 090813 Tohoshinki's A-nation Messages

[Midsummer greetings]
Everyone, how are you?!
You're not suffering from the summer heat right?
I had fun participating in a-nation.
I'll do my best because of everyone's enthusiastic cheers.
Everyone, please keep in good health ^.^


[Midsummer greetings]
How is everyone~ Everyone OK???
I've never had heat fatigue before~
So I got heat fatigue on purpose~ ^^
But now, I'm having fun and living healthily.
Everyone, please eat a lot and laugh a lot,
and live happily~
Always keep the faith


[Midsummer greetings]
How is everyone?
For me, this summer too, I'll keep healthy and
do my best for a-nation and other events~
So everyone, please have an enjoyable summer~
Hu x2


[Midsummer greetings]

This is the summer man, Jejung!
Is everyone healthy??
a-nation is very fun~~~!!!
We always receive a lot of love from everyone~
I'm so happy I could die--!! (laugh)
Don't get heat fatigue okay~^^
Well~ See you~


[Midsummer greetings]
Everyone~ How are you?
For me, although it's hot, I'm having an enjoyable summer.
Everyone, please be sure to create a memorable summer
with your family and friends~ ♫♪
Well~ See you~


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