Saturday, August 1, 2009

[POLL] 090731 TVXQ Has Ultra-High Popularity World-wide

Recently, the famous site, micropoll, hosted a public opinion poll, about SM Entertainment artists’ fans and where they are from, other than Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea. 3081 TVXQ fans left a message after taking this poll, and it is said that TVXQ has an ultra-high popularity worldwide.

The following are the findings from this poll.
TVXQ fans from:
67% of the people who participated in the poll are from Thailand
U.S.A.- 5%
Malaysia- 4%
Phillippines- 2%
Canada, Australia, Birtain, Spain, and Singapore- 1%
Other countires- 16%

The following eight were hand-picked messages and selected from oversea countires:
1. I was born in Vietnam and went to see one of your concerts. I hope oppa can come to Vietnam as soon as possible. I love you!
2. I am a Vietnamese fan. I like the five of you, and I hope that UFO Town will soon have UFOs that can be sent in English!
3. I was born in Poland and I have been to one of your concerts. I have a desire to talk to you five, even through e-mail. You are my spiritual support, and I know that many of your fans have the same desire. I hope we can meet in the future!
4. I am from the Czeh Republic. Please come to Europe and have a concert there. Czeh Republic is located in the center of Europe. Oppa please come! Oppa deul are the best! Bye!
5. I am French. I love TVXQ alot!
6. I’m from Albania. TVXQ, I love you!
7. I am from Indonesia. Please come here soon oppa deul!
8. I’m from Italy. I will support you, TVXQ, and so will the other Italian fans!

Source: micropoll
Translated by: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡ @
Credits: OneTVXQ {One World One Red Ocean One TVXQ}
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