Wednesday, August 12, 2009

[NEWS] Sungmin Clears up Scandal About SNSD’s Sunny

During a recent media interview, Super Junior's Sungmin answered questions regarding his recent scandal with fellow label mate SNSD's Sunny.

Sungmin was sorry that things he had said during broadcast led to the scandal, and that he immediately called Sunny after he got home to explain it to her. As a showcase of their friendship, Sunny jokingly said "if you like me, then I would like you to tell me directly [instead of through the media]". Sungmin also promised to buy her food to make up for it, but then laughed and revealed that he hasn't bought her the food yet.

It's nice to see that they're such good friends, but it's a shame that they're not really dating. I guess I will have to take back that virtual high five I gave Sungmin when I heard he was dating this.

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