Friday, August 7, 2009

[News] TVXQ Dispels Disbandment Rumors

The members of TVXQ, who have been in a dispute with SM because of their contract, dispelled any rumors of disbandment by promising to return to the Japanese stage next year.

On the 7th, Asahi newspaper reported, "TVXQ dispelled any rumors of disbandment by singing their hearts out on stage that calmed the fans' worries," and "Right after the live performance, TVXQ said, 'We had so much fun. We want to do it again.'"

Asahi newspaper also said, "This was their first performance after the disbandment rumors. However, TVXQ gave a performance that made it feel as if they were not affected by the bad rumors that have been going around," and "Xiah Junsu stated that, 'We were so happy to perform in front of such a large crowd. We hope to return to this stage next year.'"

The newspaper also reported that, "We expect TVXQ will continue to give performances that dispel any rumors of disbandment."

Source: [star news+ DNBN]
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