Friday, August 7, 2009

[News] 090806 TOHOSHINKI Says Thank You in Jingu Fireworks

Korea 5 members group TVXQ on August 6th conducted a live performance in an annual event Tokyo Meiji Jingu Shrine Fireworks. Jaejoong said, “It’s a great pleasure to participate in the shrine fireworks for the first time. Also a chance to perform many songs, many thanks to you.” while Changmin added, “Please enjoy the live in TVXQ’s way.” sent a great lively atmosphere.

“TOHOSHINKI!!!” the calling broke in from silence, as the members appeared. “Thank you! This is TOHOSHINKI!” they said, in reply to the fans support. “You all come here with your friends and lovers and are having the lovely times, right? We do not have girlfriend…” they started a fascination and humorous talk. “Share The World, PURPLE LINE” were performed, started at 7 pm.

Before the performance, the group’s agency in Japan, the trinamous entertainment AVEX made a statement in the official site, “We (AVEX) will work hard to support Tohoshinki in Japan, watching the warm future of Tohoshinki.”

Today Tohoshinki was in charge as the last performer in the National Stadium. GIRL NEXT DOOR, Asia Engineer, MEGARYU, Satomi Takai performed formerly.

The 30th Jingu Shrine Fireworks this year has a total 12,000 fireworks being shot in the sky. The firework shooting from one single place, and in fact is a big event as the pride of Tokyo.

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