Friday, August 7, 2009

[Fan Account] 090806 Jingu Fireworks

TVXQ at Jingugaien Fireworks Show☆

TVXQ Jingu live was really awesome!!

Set list:

Share the World
Purple Line
Doushi.te Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou
Stand by U
Somebody To Love
Summer Dream

Other artists came out from the back of the center stage area, they placed about five meter high curtain when TVXQ appeared. The number of camera men were incredibly a lot.

When their live performance started, the members and the fans were really excited. The stage was small yet the members moved around freely and it was great fun. Jyaejyun said that it is the first time for them to participate in the fire work concert and as the place is small they could see the people with their friends and couples.

Junsu's hair was shorter, looked really cool!☆

Yuchun's voice was really stable and nice!

Yunho's dance was great as usual and all the participants were in fever!

Changmin said that they will try their best more and more in the future.

The members and fans sweat a lot but it was great performance to brow everyones' worries away!

During the rap time of Sky, Yuchun said "Tohoshinki Forever!" Yes! that is all and everything!!(^^)

Thanks TVXQ members! And as always, awesome job TVXQ!!

Next one is a-nation this weekend. ♪

Those of you who can attend, please enjoy!!☆

A note from Junsulv: My English is not perfect, but I wanted everyone to know this uplifting news from Japan asap~

Source: Murasaki-Hashidoi
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