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[INFO] 090512 Stage layout for DBSK's Mirotic Concert in Beijing Announced

After the first stop of Nanjing in the Mirotic Concert Tour, popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki is going to Beijing's Workers' Stadium on July 11th to start off the "Dong Bang Shin Ki TVXQ! Third Asia Live Tour China - Beijing stop". The official design of the stage came out today and according to the spokesman of the concert organizer, the concert in Beijing wants to let fans have a closer and short-distance interaction with DBSK. They are going to move all the gadgets and machinery from the Extension Stage(the one that looks like a catwalk) onto the main stage to design a layered look and form a 3D-stage. The structure consists of a 2400 square metre gigantic sound and light castle, and such a big-scale stage is a first for Beijing Workers' Stadium.

The requirements of the venue management authorities in the different cities of Beijing are different, and Beijing has a requirement that the audience have to be at least 10 metres from the stage. This is not much of a problem for a normal concert. But for DBSK's concert which emphasizes greatly on close interaction with the fans, if they were to follow this requirement and have the Extension Stage, the fans who are supposedly closest to the stage will be arranged to be seated/stand at the back of the stadium which is a distance of 65 metres from the Main Stage. Most of DBSK's songs and dances would be held at the Main Stage, and that will result in a really distant view even for the fans who are closest to the stage and most fans will not be satisfied. For the sake of closer interaction between the fans and DBSK and still maintain the organization and completeness of the whole stage performance,
the organizers changed the structure and design of the stage 5 times. They eventually gave up on the Extension Stage, and moved ALL the gadgets on the Extension Stage onto the main stage to form the majestic layered Main Stage.

As for the "make-over" of the stage, the organizer explained "The Cassies who have seen DBSK's concert should know, the Extension Stage holds much importance to the overall concert itself, and it will always be a part of the concert. However, due to this safety requirement on the side of the authorities, an Extension Stage like that which is going to be used in the Nanjing Concert will increase the distance between the fans and the Main Stage which DBSK is mostly performing on. Therefore, we are going to do away with the Extension Stage for the Beijing concert and move all the Extension Stage gadgets onto the Main Stage to form a 3D stage. This ensures that the fans closest to the stage will only be at a distance of at least 10+ metres and at most 50+ metres, to have a better visual effects for the fans compared to the Beijing concert last year. The 3D stage and the stadium's viewing platform/area is almost parallel, therefore the people in the less expensive seats are also much closer to DBSK, AND the concert ticket prices are much lower than Nanjing. This change had not only been approved by the venue authorities, but have also ensured the completeness of the concert, and it also encourages strong interaction between the fans and DBSK."

Other than the sound and light castle on stage, the live LCD screens in the concert venue is also a key feature. Because the venue for this concert is held in Beijing Workers' Stadium, the Main Stage is going to be much wider and bigger than the Nanjing concert, so the LCD screens which act as the main backdrop of the concert stage will also follow suit, and the effects can compete with that of the opening ceremony in Beijing Olympics where LCD screens were also used. The width of the LCD screen will be as wide as 78 metres, and can clearly capture every movement, action and smile of DBSK. Even the little dazzling gazes made by the members unintentionally will be clearly seen by everyone.


OMG. This sounds totally exciting! I cannot wait to see this magnificent stage in Beijing concert coming July! OMO! How I wish I can go there, I am just 5 hours away from Beijing. T______T

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