Saturday, May 23, 2009


(someone translated it already, that's why i didn't translated it.hehe.They beat me to it XD)

2009/05/23(Sat) 13:27
Even though unfortunately...
it has been raining, everyone from Hokkaido, and those who came from everywhere to join us, let's get high together!
Please be careful to not catch a cold.

2009/05/23(Sat) 14:10
At the goods area
Meet the dance team! They have increasingly become the PR representatives (to advertise) the concert goods!
These nice guys are always refreshing!

2009/05/23(Sat) 14:41
With great enjoyment
It looks like lunch-time for Yunho and Changmin. [They do it] with great enjoyment!

2009/05/23(Sat) 14:42
By the way..
[Let's] introduce an item from lunch!「Baked code with mirin sauce」It's red meat! The members also ate it well (T/N: it was delicious/tasty).

2009/05/23(Sat) 15:32
Being enthusiastic...
during rehearsal! Junsu is being very enthusiastic!!

2009/05/23(Sat) 16:28
In today's performance...
There may be mono at the beginning. [T/N: I think they mean there might be something extra at the beginning? Unsure.]... Enjoy!

2009/05/23(Sat) 17:01
A little early...
Yuchun is having dinner a little early. Because it's before going on stage, it's a moderate portion.

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