Saturday, May 23, 2009

[FAN ACCOUNT] 090523 Live & TVXQ Appearance on Mirai Sozodo-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

**T/N: The author uses alot of jargon/lingo, so I don't understand some parts. I sifted through several blogs, and they all say that Junsu is better. I will add on another blog translation that focuses more on the Live later. ^^

May 23, 2009 22:33:01
Boku!! (Me/I)
Junsu made a full recovery in the Live today! Jun-chan, I'm glad~!
Congratulations Sea Bream Sea Bream. [T/N: She's making reference to when he acted as a Sea Bream in FBS Night Shuffle.]
It was enjoyable to watch a stage with the 5 of them.

Tomorrow, the Live continues in Mukanai! (T/N: Unsure)
Followed by the recording of Tokyo Friend Park II on Monday... Tohoshinki fighting!!
Next week is the Marin Messe (T/N: Programme I think).
You are gradually becoming funnier. *Laugh*
Yesss, I'm looking forward to it.

Yesterday's Mirai Sozodo (T/N: TV Programme) was lovely~
Especially, our yuchun ah~~~~ (T/N: Says it the Korean way - Uri Yoochun-ah~)
During the intro quiz, the "who is who is" time
It was too cute (heavy emphasis).

Berumo! Beruja! (T/N: No clue)

Was also very cute.
Everything about Yuchun is cute. *Laughs*
It was a good one to watch.

Even though I went to the fan meeting, because it was my first time at a Live, it was super (heavy emphasis) enjoyable!

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