Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[TRANS] Tohoshinki & CanCam models- DBSK/TXVQ/Tohoshinki

Apparently, some of the Cancam models fangirls Tohoshinki and they got a mention. When they delved into the models' bags, one had a BigEast membership card and the other had the shoyu keychain.

Translation of the article:

Tohoshinki's Fanclub Card

I've been into them recently. I have all their albums and I've been to Korea a few timse too. ♥ Right now I'm studying hangul!

Because of this shoyu koto strap, I'm laughing

Honestly, I didn't hear of this gag from Murakami Shooji (?? can anyone help me with the guy's name?) After watching THSK do the gag on TV, I bought it!

Credits: HeroismyHero
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