Sunday, May 24, 2009

[PHOTOS] Staff Report Sapporo Day 2 -DBSK/TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI

+ Cooling...

2009/05/24(Sun) 12:04
From morning, it's the beginning of Sapporo day 2! Because of everyone, there's a very high atmosphere. Let's have more memories!

+ Powerful Up
2009/05/04(Sun) 12:33

This is Junsu's lunch. Looking at this, conveys Junsu's feelings! Work hard for today too!!

The key to make-or-break
2009/05/04(Sun) 13:20

With Junsu who has recovered as the center, they are carrying out their rehearsals

2009/05/04(Sun) 14:01

Let us take a look at the backstage! This is where the members change their clothes

2009/05/24(Sun) 14:35

Massaging in progress. Being massaged at the acupoints of the sole on his feet by the manager, out-of-breath Jaejoong.

2009/05/24(Sun) 15:43

Yoochun who is waiting for the start of the concert
Once he's given the lavender, he strikes a pose for the camera!
The concert is going to start really soon!

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