Sunday, May 31, 2009

[Translation] 090530 The Secret Code Tour - Staff Report

Fukuoka Day 1!
2009/05/30(Sat) 13:17

After all the arena tours in the North, we finally came to Kyushu! (T/N: Southernmost island of the 4 main islands in Japan).

The members have entered the arena!
Without any delay, Yunho and Changmin promptly headed for lunch (^^)

The members also praised...!
2009/05/30(Sat) 13:39

We discovered the 『Sekine Curry Chicken (European)』that Sekine-san produced!
The members who love curry found it delicious~! Addictive!! They gave rave reviews (^o^)

The members are...
2009/05/30(Sat) 14:37

In the middle of rehearsals!
Today, I checked some of the PA seats which are behind the arena☆

Truck promotions
2009/05/30(Sat) 14:47

The Jaejoong version!
For those we came today, please be sure to take photographs of it ♪

In the dressing room...
2009/05/30(Sat) 15:33

Are large quantities of kimchi!
It always comes as a set with the dressing room. (T/N: Means they always have it.)
Today there are 3 different types, 「Cabbage」, 「Lactic Acid」(T/N: Along the lines of yoghurt - fermented milk), 「Imperial Court」, and they all taste different!

2009/05/30(Sat) 15:55

Jun-chan, who is in high spirits, is also eating a large heap of rice! (T/N: Means that Su who is 'swelling' with spirits is also eating a 'swell' of rice xD)
Next to the salted mackerel... is as expected, kimchi!

Our reliable bandmaster!
2009/05/30(Sat) 16:14

Kakiyan-san (T/N: Unsure of name), the keyboardist!
Since he helped out in the 'T' tour, some of you may know him☆
『We can power-up the stage together!』
He commented really cooly.

In the middle of a massage...
2009/05/30(Sat) 16:38

Is Changmin☆
Before going on stage, a massage to relax the body!

Stop it~...
2009/05/30(Sat) 17:09

When Jaejoong was wrapped up for a massage, Yoochun snuck under and took a picture of it (laugh).
Jaejoong was frantically trying to resist (^o^;

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