Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[Fan Account] Chinese Fan Account with Junsu

I have a sister whom is a crazy Cassiopeia and she's studying in Japan. She often get to see TVXQ as they have lots of events in Japan. Recently, she have told me many things about TVXQ when she got home. I'm so jealous to the extent that I'm going crazy and the thing that makes me speechless is........

One day, it seems to be after TVXQ finished their performance, then my sister squeezed into the crowd and asked for autographs. After seeing Junsu, my sister took out a pen and paper and wrote in Japanese to Junsu, said: "Could you sign for me?". Junsu lifted his head and smiled to my sister (I want to bang the wall....). Then he said: "Of course, no problem". And my sister added a sentence, "I'm a Chinese". At this point of time where Junsu is about to sign for her, he stopped and lifted up his head and look at my sister, said: "Really? You are a Chinese?". There are lots of people over there and my sister are going to be squeezed out of the crowd. Then Junsu stepped forward and quickly signed for her. Just when he was signing, he murmured and said: "China's fan, China's..".

After finish signing, he actually prepared to return it back to my sister but he took it back and passed to Yoochun who is near him and said: "Micky, sign it, it's a China's fan book". After Yoochun signed it, Junsu look around for awhile, but the other 3 members were squeezed so far away. Junsu finally found my sister in the crowd and apologized and said: "They (Other 3 members) have gone missing, so both of us can only signed for you. If there's another chance next time, we'll then sign for you again". Then he returned the pen and book back to my sister.

The other fans started to squeeze even more ferociously after seeing someone finished signing. My sister said that she could remember very clearly of a move that Junsu does in the crowd because to make things convenient for Junsu to sign, she took the cap of the pen away. A pen without a cap would easily vandalised or drawn onto some things. So when Junsu is returning the pen, in order not to draw onto any fan, he faced the pen tip towards himself. And in order not to poke onto any fan, Junsu covered his hands with the pen and hold onto it. His clothes have been drawn for several times by the rest of the part of the pen that was exposed outside. He then released his hands when my sister stretched out her hands to him.

I've totally fall on his demeanour. I even asked my sister why did she still allow Junsu to return her the pen when there are so many people at that moment. My sister replied, "I also didn't have that intention but he keep looking and finding for me to return the pen, so how can I not taking it back?".

Actually, my sister is a Yunho's fan, but she couldn't find Yunho when she went to get the autographs. She met Junsu instead, and in the end, she was totally being attracted by Junsu's move......... She keep telling me, "Junsu totally look like an angel whom keep shining that night"........... I feel so frustrated after listening. Why didn't I have such chance to meet that good fool whom regarded Chinese as an rare animal?

Source: DNBN + sotvxq
Translated by: jaesica
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot
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I enjoyed reading this fan account!. Junsu is just so cute^____^