Tuesday, May 26, 2009


(OMG!. YUNJAE REPLIES!!!. I freaking love YUNJAE!!!)

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Fan : Oppa, let's have a hot night together!
JaeJoong : Oppa has a date with Yunho. (OMG!)

Fan : JaeJoong oppa,give Yunho oppa a good scolding! I keep sending him messages but he never replies!
JaeJoong : I'm so sorry, I can't control my man. Worry about me then.

Fan : JaeJoong oppa is so mean...you only act cute in front of Yunho oppa!
JaeJoong : Pretty girl, are you jealous? Come here quickly, I'll act cute for you.
YunHo : Don't steal our Jaejoong!!!!
YooChun : Are you talking about me? Are you? Are you? Are you!!! Why won't you do it with me?!

Fan : JaeJoong ah! Yunho's mine, just give him to me~
JaeJoong: But Yunho is kinda expensive. (LOL.)

Fan : Yunho's mine~
YunHo : I'm yours~ Now I need to endure JaeJoong's scolding.

Fan : I want to be hit once by Yunho oppa in my dream!
JaeJoong :Hmm……Why? Just resist it! Haha I have experience~
(what sort of experience? O_O")

Translated by choco@TVXQFever
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot
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SHAINE- said...

omo i love yunjae replies too! hahahaha! and guest appearance by yoochun! XDDD

echonkz said...

no need to prove it,,yunjae is real LOL!!