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[TRANS] Fan Account of Secret Code Live Tour - DBSK/TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI

Sorry for the absolute lack of templates, because I am really too lazy to get them up. XDDDD
I will translate it here directly. From this fan-account, I don't really know when/where this fan watched the concert, but it's quite elaborate in my opinion. :D


Owed this report to someone for a very long time
Using what my memory can still recall, I have already typed all that I can remember.

Opening Movie
This Opening Movie was continued from T(And everyone seemed to be wearing black suits)
The DBSK members were fighting the enemies, Yunho used a flying kick and Yoochun attacked from the back
I forgot about all the rest XDD (laughs)
After stealing the artefact/treasure, the 5 members gathered outside the building

Secret Code
When the movie ended, 5 LCD screens appeared
and the 5 of them appeared with grandeur
Junsu was actually standing

Share the World
Not much recollection of this
I only remembered Junsu spoke

They sang this on the Main Stage,
A certain P actually forgot this song XDD

Take Your Hands
Junsu only stood, but he did not walk around
Everyone also raised their hands,
Take Your Hands and GO!

-MC Segment-
Everyone replied enthusiastically to Yunho's "楽しんでますかー?"
Then there was the self-introduction
The cheers for Junsu were the loudest,
and it's still the same sentence for him "I'M SORRY"
So cute
The screen was also showing his big head XD
The people continually shouted Junsu's name

Stand Up!
At the "hey ho" part, everyone's hands were really waving madly
Everyone were waving their lightsticks in rhythm
JUMP!! All in all, it was really HIGH!

Beautiful You
Jaejoong was really SEXY here
When he sang
you are beautiful
baby you're special one
you're such a beautiful dream
you are beautiful
baby you're special one
you're such a beautiful dream

On the main stage, there were different heights for the stage
Listening live is much better than listening to it on the CD

My Destiny
Junsu seemed to have sang this while sitting
The others..No recollections

Movie 2
In a desert
This movie was really great
Junsu was the Master Roshi who uses Mafuba Technique (laughs)
Yoochun seemed to have kicked out a round shaped object
Jaejoong used fire fist
Changmin seemed to have something metallic
Yunho was holding a sword
Everyone was emitting a different color

Everyone was playing on the treadmill
Jaejoong was at the very front
Junsu was also moving around slowly

Purple Line
A super HIGH song
On the Center Stage

Started from the Main Stage
First time seeing the Japanese version of Mirotic
The dance steps are the same as the Korean version
but it emits a different aura
The original white clothes changed to black ones
Stripped stripped XD
Remember vivdly the ending pose

Heart,Mind and Soul
Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Changmin appeared on stage first
Then Junsu walked slowly onto the stage

Jaejoong's song
I sang along attentively
Not much recollection XD

Movie 3
Went back a couple of hours before stealing the artefact/treasure
This video gave me the shivers
Why did they get foreigners
Firstly, Junsu had his arm on the female's shoulder
and they parted after Junsu said "sorry"
Changmin hugged with the girl,
why do I feel that Changmin was dumped -_-
Jaejoong was having wine with the female on a sofa
Jaejoong let go of her hand after having held it (angry)
Yoochun was on the car, and the female lead returned a ring to him
Yunho on the other hand, gave a ticket to the female lead and left
Everyone gathered in the end

Yoochun was playing the piano on Center Stage (love)
A super touching song
The piano~really the best!

Nobody Knows
Standing in a line using standing microphones

My favourite LIVE song!!
Could totally feel the sadness within this song

Forever Love
Still sang standing in a row
I also love this LIVE song!!
Everyone was singing together

Box in the ship
This song became their modified songXD
Jaejoong's "どーゆーこと?" was replied with our "しょーゆこと!!"
Yoochun was "みんな~OK" and we replied "あたし~OK"
OH-E-OH-E-OH E-OH-E-OH 1.2.3
OH-E-OH-E-OH E-OH-E-OH しょうゆうこと
OH-E-OH-E-OH E-OH-E-OH どうしてジュンスを好きになってしまったんだろう?
I really love this song
Everyone was so cute
and everyone was really HIGH! HIGH! HIGH!
Didn't know what Junsu was saying at the beginning,
but when he finished his sentence, Yoochun started laughing loudly

O Jung.Ban.Hap.
[Let's do this] music started
"O! O! O!" Everyone went "O! O! O!"

Choosey Lover
Someone's tone was really intending to seduce people

The screen showed a backdrop of a blue sky
One of my favourite songs too

Somebody To Love
They sang this song with their towels in hand
Everyone JUMP JUMP JUMP together
Junsu was jumping on the spot, but his actions were not too big

Summer Dream
Saw a certain someone holding hands with a certain someone
Not too much memory of this XD

-Band Member Introduction-

A new change of clothes
They shouted "とうほうしんき"

Movie 4
Replay of all videos in the past
Felt like a turn back in time
But it was only one sentence for each song (laughs)

The Way U Are
In this song, the audience were shouting their name
just like when they sing HUG.
But at the end they didn't continue shouting (laughs)

Break up the shell
This song recollected fond memories of the first concert
They didn't sing this in Five in the Black and T concerts.

New song introduction was done by Changmin
They used this to bully Changmin,
and Changmin suddenly became Jaejoong's first love
FIRST KISS at 12 years old
We had really big reactions

Stand by U
An additional round stage appeared on Center Stage
5 of them were all sitting down
and the lyrics were displayed on the screen

Kiss The Baby Sky
Jaejoong said that this was the last song (but there turned out to be 1 more)
Everyone sang "Baby sky All the dreams and hopes made of your eyes
明日もきっと晴れる そのままの君でいて with me" together~

The stage turned dark, and an orangey-yellow light appeared
This is really a tear-jerking song
Really good
The person beside me cried

The last sentence
Saitama FTW!
Tohoshinki FTW!

I cannot remember whether it was Summer Dream or what,
Yunho and Yoochun carried Changmin off the stage XD

trans: shaine@sweetfig
Please take out with Full Credits. :)


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