Friday, May 22, 2009

[Trans] 090428 Takeshi Senoo’s Blog- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Everyone is alright? Ever since this morning, Tokyo has been so cloudy.
KUBUDO recording is finally arrived to the final round, I’m working hard right now!

3 years ago, I wrote song for Tohoshinki “Asu wa Kuru Kara” which becomes bonus track of their latest single “Share The World” released today.

At the time the song first released, it became ending theme for anime ONE PIECE. The lyrics was written together with Mai Osanai, we collaborated to finish the lyrics of this song, supporting each other.
Flower blossoming in spring, summer ocean, spring twilight, and a place filled by winter sunshine.

Regardless the season, but praying each time to get in through that moment again.
The lyrics was written that time was likely very difficult Japanese for them. However as they already stepped across the country border line, with a courage in heart to send the lyrics out, they’re working hard to learn Japanese. I was touched and got strength from that, I feel like those memories are just very recent.

Actually, when I was in backstage seeing them, their simple direct stares were really shocking me.
In live performance, I saw Junsu singing the lastest part of the song just like he’s shouting a story, a heartbreak which was hard to be told.
At that point, my tears fell down.

3 years later, today, they don’t stop growing more and more mature.
In the new single recording this song, I feel very happy from the deepest heart of me.

I want to say this to them:
“Thank you for singing my song,”

Tohoshinki, FIGHTING!

source: Takeshi Senoo’s Blog

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