Friday, May 22, 2009

[Photos] Stalking DBSK with Doggies Part 2- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

To brush up everyone's memory, regarding the cute, big, scary,little and adorable doggies!^_^

Xiah's dog : Siaki (is that the correct spelling?)

Micky's dog : He has 3 dogs, as far as i know, Chyonga, Chora and the one in the post here is Harang.^_^

Jaejoong's dog :Vick(Bikeu) You all know where the name came from right? or not?
VIsual ShoCK. that is where he got the name Vick(Bikeu)
And how in the world, Vick became so BIG! he is freaking bloody big!!!!

Changmin's dog: MungDoong- wait, am i even correct? LOL
But his dog is so cute! and totally the opposite of him!
Physically, min is BIG. while his cute dog is so SMALL

dog: Typhoon(Taeboong)
I love his dog. so cute and adorable!!


and Junho(Junsu's brother)'s dog

I hope i refreshed everyone's memory with this little post!^_^

Credits: leebbeuni@blog naver+cherishee@blognaver+sweetfig.blogspot
Please take out with Full Credits. :)


MrCKDexter said...

Is the cherishee photo an old one?
I checked her blog and I don't think she has posted anything in a long time...

Raissa said...

i noticed that also when i already posted it. i was too lazy to edit it out since it as already like 4am.hehehe.

but its nice to see taepung's face up close and personal.hehe