Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[NEWS] Super Junior heartbroken over “It’s You”- Super Junior/SUJU

It looks like Ki-bum isn’t the only one getting acting lessons.

Following their “Dance” version, Super Junior has just released the “Drama” version of “It’s You.” While the “Dance” version does include some scenes from the “Drama” version, “Dance” has a lot more close-ups and the 13 guys dancing on an empty lot, as well as those great baggy pants that Sung-min is sporting. The “Drama” version is much more amusing to watch though, since you can watch the SuJu boys just pour their hearts into thrashing on public property, furrowing their brows, and clenching at their chests in angst, as the camera does a very seamless pan across the set with the boys loitering around town.

Super Junior really doesn’t need any extras because the whole group can just fill up the whole street or stage, making it look downright crowded. It is also really nice to see ALL of the boys, except for Ki-bum who doesn’t have any verses and just stands there showing off what he has learned during his absence from promotional activities (which isn’t very much), because even the ones who usually only rap will get a chance to breath into the microphone.

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Dance Version

Drama Version

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