Monday, May 18, 2009

[NEWS] Reports of Tohoshinki's Concerts to be Published in KBOOM Magazine - DBSK/TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI


Kboom Magazine 7/2009 which will be published by GAM on May 19th, will publish content featuring Acapella group Tohoshinki's [The Secret Code] Live Tour Concert.

Also, Ray Magazine 7/2009 published by 主婦の友社 will have quickbites of [Tohoshinki's LOVE&BEAUTY Recipe.

Online shopping site will sell Tohoshinki's new single [Stand By U] from 1st of July, it will be selling both the DVD version and the CD Only version.
Other than that, special compilation book [Tohoshinki's Secrets - Asia's] and Tohoshinki's fans' passionate compilation of extracts [All about Tonpen's Thoughts - Tohoshinki‘s help during busy times*] is currently on sale!

* : Title stated on the article is a mix of Japanese and Chinese characters, so I am just translating it loosely. Do correct me if I am wrong alright! :)

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