Sunday, May 17, 2009

[NEWS + PHOTOS] NTV [Creative Future Hall] Preview

Just saw the preview of [Creative Future Hall] which will be shown on 22nd May, here's a preview into the content....

General Content:
1. [Animation Introduction] Dong!
2. Natto* + Barbequed meat's Special Characteristics
3. Games Battle
4. Men of the Future

When discussing about Natto, Kim Junsu and Shim Changmin formed a perfect "MaXiah" partnership, and cruelly bullied pitiful Park Yoochun.....

Changmin held Yoochun's shoulders, Junsu grabbed Yoochun's hands, to help the MC force-feed Micky with Natto..... Jaejoong and Yunho who did not stepped up to help, were both laughing.... That scene... Let's pity Yoochun together!

There was an interview asking Tohoshinki about their ideal dating venue:
Jaejoong: Cinema
Junsu: Sea (?!)
Changmin: Go on a drive
Yunho: Playground/Theme park
Yoochun: Walk around like a normal person to shop and participate in summer festivals.

*: Natto - Traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans

Yunjae laughing at their children~ Micky forcefed with Natto which does not sound too appetizing~ Junsu wanting to date in/on the sea~ This show is going to be interesting isn't it? Look forward to it on the 22nd of May on Nippon TV! ^_____^

日網 + 水珉 + 百度帖吧
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