Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[News] 2009 Seolreim CF Story- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

This summer, all customers are thrilled to one song. Go Seolreim song.

Nunyiwa… nunnyiwa…

Seolreim song is a love serenade to confess the love. Easy to remember, repetitive melody that reminiscents a cool,
youthful image attached to it, once you listen to the lyrics, you can immidiately sing the song of Seolreim.
The 2009 campaign also used this song Seolreim with its brand company’s theme “Confession with Seolreim”.
The company’s spokesman said that the product was a more efficient way to express love.

Not just able to sing, not just able to dance, they’re able to shoot~ Dong Bang Shin Ki

These days, TVXQ’s popularity is going global, not only in South Korea, or to over Japan,
but also in Asia, thus they’re selected as the main model of Seolreim CF. Gentle and romantic,
we want to use the “boys next door” image of Dong Bang Shin Ki! Furthermore, Dong Bang Shin Ki’s fantanstic
skill to sing a capella was the main reason of us choosing them. Taken in only one day, as expected,
Dong Bang Shi Ki was doing their best for the CF shooting. Despites their hectic schedule that all members
only have less than 1 hour sleeping time, they could sing and dance with “a pure confession of a man towards woman” image so well.

The shoot was taken up on the roof which was meant they’re there to confess
to a woman who lived at the other side of house. In a situation where any accidents could happen
such as the roof tile breaks and slip, despites all those risks, all the members were acting funny,
hitting each other, and led the shooting atmosphere to a warm and playful scene.
For example when the members tried to do their own versions of Seolreim song
which was so funny, made everyone laughing.

Last year, This year, and continue to Next Year Seolreim!!!

Due to the existence of TVXQ’s staffs and members, the best shooting of Seolreim finally ended by the early evening.
The atmosphere of shooting was very pleasant and cheerful so that the completion of the CF could be finished immediately.

Seolreim 2009 Campaign: through this Seolreim ice cream, by confessing
with one item of Seolreim, hope that to be able to receive a steady love.

For your note: There is NO plan to make another Dong Bang Shin Ki’s members versions of Seolreim!

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This totally sucks! I thought there will be a different version for each of the members! T_______T
Oh well, maybe they picked yoochun as the lead because he gives off a Casanova feeling!LOL