Thursday, May 21, 2009

[FAN ACCOUNT + PIC] A Fan visit Tohoshinki's favorite restaurant in Japan (Podo Namu)- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

According to the fan, its a restaurant called "Podo Namu" which serves Korean cuisine. She visited this restaurant on the 11th this month after catching TSC concert in Saitama and managed to get some information about DBSK from a male waiter there.

Conversation between the fan who visited this shop and the waiter:

Fan: TVXQ come here right?
Waiter: Yes, they came last week as well.
Fan: What? Last week?
Waiter: Yeah, they come about more than 10 times a year.
Fan: Really? That's great. They are good-looking, right?
Waiter: Handsome and cute.
Fan: That's for sure. Where do they usually sit?
Waiter: They sit anywhere
Fan: What do they eat?
Waiter: Usually, meat and ginseng chicken soup.
Fan: Ah~ I see. I'll come here and eat again another time. Did you watch the concert?
Waiter: Yes, I was very touched yesterday, I cried a lot.

Credits: TVXQbaidubar+
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