Monday, February 1, 2010

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On the day of data collecting for a magazine article~☆

Somehow, Junsu is going appear in smart magazine☆ Since it's a men fashion magazine, please have a lot of expectations for Jun-chan who has decided to switch to a cool image♪ It's going to be on sale on 3/24!

He also received a limited edition's heart-shape doughnut from smart magazine's editor Igarashi-san as a Valentine gift.

T/N: The doughnut that Junsu received is from Krispy Kreme's Valentine special menu, which is available during Valentine season in Japan only.

Homework for you!

"Can you see my face~!?
Please take care of us from now on too!♪
From Yoochun

Homework for you! Try to find me!!"


Long time no see~!

"We're doing our best for our promotion!
Please look forward to a cool Tohoshinki!!
by Yunho"


While waiting…

Junsu looked like he was enjoying the massage machine in the resting room…!

He was having a "butt massage course" (LOL).


Thank you~!!

In Japan, I received a lot of congratulations for my birthday~!
I also received your birthday messages!! Thank you as always!!!!
by Jaejoong"

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