Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[Trans] 100202 Tohoshinki’s Junsu In「Mozart!」The Musical Becomes A Hot Topic

TVXQ member Junsu played the lead role in the musical「Mozart!」and had his first performance on 20 January 2010 at Sejong Center in Seoul. The tickets are already sold out, and a lot of fans from Japan will be going to watch it. The performances will last until 21 February.
This is an Austrian musical that is being performed in Korea for the first time, and it is a piece of work that portrays the life struggles of the talented genius, Mozart. Various musical genres like classical, rock and jazz are incorporated, and it became a hot topic due to the innovative design. They were given permission to run the musical, and this is a special production as it is one of the most historical and prestigious works from the Theater Association of Austria.

The Seoul newspapers printed articles about Junsu’s performance with a picture of him in dreads and jeans. They wrote that, “Junsu was overflowing with youthful ambition and energy. This musical is his first, and his performance was a full house with tickets all sold out, and the fans watched his stage with intense interest.”
In Korea, such comments could be seen on the Internet:

Mozart is a musical genius with a strong sense of freedom. Such a Mozart is a great match with Junsu’s voice.
Junsu’s musical debut is a historical moment, and I’m glad I could witness it.
I was surprised that the other TVXQ members came to the performance.
His acting was also wonderful.
There were also comments like, “There are similarities between Mozart and Junsu’s characters. Also, the story and the significance of the struggle that the genius had to go through, also seem to be similar to TVXQ’s current situation.”
After the first performance ended, the venue became like a concert hall, with cheers and standing ovations for the musical. For the fans that have been worried about TVXQ’s possible disbandment, this is one of the few good news that they’ve had in awhile.

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