Monday, February 1, 2010

[Trans]100131 “TVXQ Full Power!” Over 300,000!, Max Matsuura’s Blog “Thank You Fans!!”

i'm come back!!
so sorry for my long hiatus..
btw,,i'm so happy with this news...
so proud of them and fans..
cassies & bigeast..keep supporting them!!
you guys awesome! XD

“It’s all Because of you! Thank you so much Fans!!” by Max


“TVXQ Full Power!”

Two days ago on Jan. 27th,

TVXQ has released their single “Break Out!” after six months from their last single release.

From the day one, it has been selling incredibly well.

They were top at the Oricon single ranking chart!

Today, the third day from the release day, the selling has not stopped.

Already now, their best record of over 300,000 copies are shipped out!

It is all because of you fans support!

Thank you so much!

-Max Matsuura

Always Keep The Faith!

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