Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[Trans] 100202 Japanese Magazine 'SPUR' - Changmin Interview Blog Post

In the February 23rd edition of SPUR, there will be a photoshoot and interview with TVXQ's youngest member, Changmin. He stands at 186cm stall, and has gotten slimmer these days. He has gotten more mature recently and the stylists put together clothes of styles that are in fashion these days from COMME des GARCONS. After the photoshoot began, what surprised me was that when he was wearing a suit, he was able to fully showcase his versatile facial expressions and poses that were as good as, no, better than those of a model. With the best smile in the world and a shy expression that had traces of his childhood, he had a mature look in his eyes when wearing the suits and his overflowing charm made the staff forget what they were doing and say "Changmin, you are so handsome." Because the photoshoot went so smoothly, he finished earlier than expected. (That doesn't happen that often)

After the photoshoot, Changmin said, "It was fun to wear different styles of suits."

He was polite and well mannered during the interview.
The magazine will be released on February 23rd, please anticipate it.

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