Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[Trans] 100202 “Let Go of Me” – Kim JunHo BeiJing Showcase

Kim JunHo will be releasing his first debut album ‘SHOWCASE’ on the 28th of March at BeiJing, at the same time performing his first number ‘Let Go of Me’.

Special guest, Xiah JunSu has confirmed his appearance on the showcase with special performances.

The purpose of this showcase is mainly for the members, entry of this event is free, just simply provide your member card, for more information please sign up at JunHo official website.

Because we wish to give a perfect stage for both JunHo and JunSu, all the pre-showcase work had to be at it best state. Message clip from JunHo and JunSu has been released and can be found at his official website.

The website is still at its testing period, which will officially be in use at mid February. Hope that JunHo first stage ‘SHOWCASE’ will be successful!

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