Sunday, January 24, 2010

Break Out! - Off Shot

start at 4:19

credits: XiahKing/yuulinajae

"Yoochun, who originally planned to use this expression, recieved this from the director..."

PD: If your expression was even softer, it'd be better

YC: Is it not soft enough?


PD: This is okay~

"Is the Directors [OK] a medicine for becoming active again?"


PD: Try this again --- next one

PD: Moving on to the next setting


"Yunho, who no matter what, works his hardest to make sure he accomplishes the things he cannot do"

YH: Can we do this again? The ending part

"Things to watch out for in the PV?"

YH: I don't know where the spider will land and I have to make it so that it seems like there's really a spider there. How that's going to work is a bit hard.

"Finally the first one finished filming..."

YH: This time I'm the first to finish filming.... feels a bit weird~


"[Has he grown taller again?] Because of this question, his height was measured"

PD: It's 190cm ah ~ (#!$!#!$ should I note that he does not need to grow anymore... 190cm = 6'3'' ??)

"Changmin, who's very happy to see the dancers again"

"Seems like he wants the staff members to relax while they film..."

PD: It's been a long time ... let's start now
"The mood of the PV ?"

CM: It seems like it will become those very dark PV

CM: I really want to see how it will turn out


"Junsu's special make-up session... START!"

YC: How long will it take?

PD: Probably an hour and a half

YC: Grandpa Junsu, I'm going now~

PD: It'll be something like this


YC: I understand, thank you for you guidance

"How do you feel about today?"

YC: Being with the two foreigners..

YC: They were both on that side of the camera yet I was alone on the other side

YC: Each doing our own thing... it feels a bit lonely (I have a feeling he's not talking about the two kids..?)I


"How was the special make-up?"

JS: It took about ..... 2 hours

JS: And then I waited for about 2-3 hours

JS: Then the filming finally started (4-5 hours for a .. 2 second shot ? ^^)

JS: Filmed the shot for about 15 minutes..

JS: It really does feel like a waste of time filming ( XD )

JS: But in the PV it'll have a really good appearance time

JS: It's an important part of the PV

JS: Please look forward to it ~


PD: Start~

"Jaejoong suddenly laughs at this part...."

JJ: Sorry, sorry, really, sorry about that

PD: Jaejoong, gambatte !

PD: A very meaningful look, then turn around

"So the reason behind laughing is because the OFF SHOT camera appears in the filming scene of the PV"

JJ: It's all because of this camera~

PD: Cut

PD: Is it really ~ (of course not, Jaejoong just can't not laugh LOL)

JJ: Doesn't it seem very funny? It's suddenly right in front of me

JJ: This shot was supposed to be the one that needed the least time

JJ: I guess I've wasted a lot of film

JJ: It's all because of me

PD: The last scene..

JJ: I'm sorry everyone

JJ: And sorry to the members as well

Credits: XiahKing+yuulinjae
Translations: adie@sweetfig
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot
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