Saturday, January 9, 2010

[Other] Audio Surf - Free Gift from Me!

I got this game for free and thought I'd share this with you all!
this is perfect for all DBSK & Super Junior fans who love fun puzzle games =D !
In my opinion I find this fun and addicting especially when you can put DBSK music on it. ^_^

Audiosurf is a music-adapting puzzle racer where you use your own music to create your own experience. The shape, the speed, and the mood of each ride is determined by the song you choose.

You earn points for clustering together blocks of the same color on the highway, and compete with others on the internet for the high score on your favorite songs.

You can choose whatever songs you want right from your computer!You can play any DBSK songs or any other artists you like.

[download here]

If you have any questions about how to play the game please e-mail me @

Credits: Sinsoto
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot
Please take out with Full Credits. :)

P.S [srry I have to ask if their are any bloggers here who want to help me out on Sinsoto's Kimchi! It's very urgent]


adie t. said...

hahaha, this seems fun ^^

Anonymous said...

Snag! This looks really fun and I was into your video like a crazy gamer Dx