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[TRANS] 091231 Mnet Japan

Mnet Japan - DBSK Special

part one:

Host: Hello everyone, I am XXX. Today we're at XXX. MNet Tohoshinki Special is about to start. Why have we come here? Well take a look, right, fans should be very clear about this. We are in front of  SM Entertainment. First off, SME has produced many of Korea's top stars, and amongst these, of course, are Dong Bang Shin Ki, Tohoshinki.

At the closing of 2009, there have been many Japanese shows with the five of them together, putting the fans at ease for bit. Unfortunately, it is near impossible to see the five together here in Korea.
Yunho and Changmin have stayed in SME while the other three have already started their solo activities in Korea. Last month they attended the MAMA Award Show under the name of Dong Bang Shin Ki and other of their activites have been coming along. Of course, it is present that all five of them are need to show Dong Bang Shin Ki's charm. So today, we have put together videos of Dong Bang Shin Ki that only MNet has for everyone to watch. Please enjoy these to the very end.


We are here at the front door, and look at these walls.... there are many fan comments; Dong Bang Shin Ki's name appears a lot. Sadly, it is not possible to meet the five here....

Voice: A Star amongst Stars, bright five stars, Dong Bang Shin Ki; with Korea and Japan as their main stage, sweeping Asia with their immense popularity.... XXXX (the same old stuff XD)

This program will be divided into four segments to fully understand their charm; HERO, MICKY, XIAH, U-KNOW, DONG BANG SHIN KI Special 2009!

Host: So then from now we will get into the Dong Bang Shin Ki Special. First of all, today's guest, who will analyze Dong Bang Shin Ki with me today, a professional; someone who, in Korea, can be said as a person you can't not know, is very active in the entertainment business; Mr.XXX, music critic. Mr. XXX, how are you?
Sensei: Hello.

Host: Sensei is recognized as Korea's XXX (talks about who he is and how he's very famous etc, etc.) You seem to be very busy, usually you have at least 10 programs to record?
Sensei: Usually it's around 10, when it's busy, it can get to 13. (famous and busy, indeed.)

Host: 13! How does that schedule work?! Ah, so then, how does your path cross with Dong Bang Shin Ki? Is there anything special?

Sensei: First of all, Dong Bang Shin Ki appeared on stage in 2004 (it's 2003 !!) and after that, they have been acquiring many awards. I have been the award presentor twice for them. Also, last year in 2008, when Dong Bang Shin Ki's fourth ablum, MIROTIC, was banned for teens under the age of 18, I was part of that committee who made the decision.

Host: That topic was quite big.

Sensei: It was a very big topic. I was one of those who didn't agree with the ban. It was too harsh, and the standards for teens today is much different than it was years ago. The times have changed, and so because of this, I quit the committee. This is the relations I have with Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Host: MIROTIC were a hit in sales in both Japan and Korea. Having it be a hit must have its reasons, so let's move on the topics regarding Dong Bang Shin Ki, something that only sensei can tell us. Our first section; please view the VTR.

Voice: Asia's Star, Asia's first star, Dong Bang Shin Ki; from the day they appeared to the present time, let us take a journey back.


2004, first single, HUG. At that time, they were newcomers, but their stage presence and charisma were already at the top level. Already creating many talks for their first single, their second single, The Way You Are, coupled with wonderful voices and dances, became Asia's Star. With their first album, swept the awards at MKMF and appeared on stage as the star, Dong Bang Shin Ki.

2005, summer single, welcoming summer with the beach and the waves, continuing to steal woman's hearts; in the second album, Rising Sun, showed powerful performances and conquered the stage. Winter single, brought with them a warm image, warmed fan's hearts as the weather turned cold. Then at the 2005 award shows, accepted awards with their true, star identities. (sorry if this sounds kind of awkward; I'm trying not to be repeititive XD)

2006, chosen as Korea's Soccer Team Representative, continued performances and held their first concert to return all the fan's love.

Yunho: Because it's our first concert, there are some concerns but we're all very excited and we have practiced hard for it.
And then with their charm and charisma, they came back, in 2006, and swept the awards.

Yunho: First off, I want to say here, to Cassiopeia, really, thank you very much.

I already had a feeling I wouldn't be able to translate this all in one day. Thank you to cathy@pixnet for the Chinese translations!

also, why isn't this subbed? it's a really great video on our boys; it's full of compliments and insights on our boys 8)

Shall continue tomorrow ~ to those who can understand Korean/can read Japanese, do watch the rest of the show ^^


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